Average monthly nominal salary reaches 985 manats for Q1

12:53 - 14.05.2024

May 14, Fineko/abc.az. As of April 1, 2024, the number of employees in the Azerbaijani economy amounted to 1,748,900 people, including 899,800 people working in the public sector of the economy, and 849,100 people in the non-governmental sector.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the State Statistics Committee that 19% of employees are engaged in education, 18.6% in trade; vehicle repair, 12.8% in industry, 8.4% in healthcare and social services for the population, 6.6% in construction, 6.4% in public administration and defense; social security, 4.2% in transport and warehousing, 3.8% in professional, scientific and technical activities, 3.3% in agriculture, forestry and fishing, 2.2% in financial and insurance activities, 14.7% in other sectors of the economy.

The average monthly nominal salary of employees in the country's economy for Jan-Mar 2024 increased by 9.3% compared with the 2023 same term and amounted to 985.3 manats.

The average monthly nominal salary was higher in the mining industry, financial and insurance activities, information and communications, professional, scientific and technical activities, as well as in transport and warehousing.