Apple presents feature Eye Tracking

12:15 - 16.05.2024

May 16, Fineko/ New feature Eye Tracking will allow iPhone and iPad users to control gadgets using eye movements without requiring additional equipment.

ABC.AZ reports that Eye Tracking feature, based on artificial intelligence technologies, will be presented by Apple later this year.

This feature is intended for people with physical disabilities. It uses the front-facing camera for setup and calibration, while Apple assures that it does not receive or transmit any user data. With Dwell Control, users will be able to navigate through the interface, focusing on various controls for a certain time. This will allow them to access buttons as well as perform gestures such as scrolling with their eyes.

"For almost 40 years, Apple has been advocating for inclusive design, putting accessibility at the core of our hardware and software," CEO Tim Cook stated.

Eye Tracking feature will be integrated into the iOS and iPadOS operating systems without the need for additional hardware.