Due to expensive holidays within the country, rate of our travelers abroad has grown by 25%

11:54 - 17.05.2024

May 17, Fineko/abc.az. Every year during the summer season, the tourism sector is experiencing a revival. It is reported that prices in local tourist centers are very high.

ABC.AZ reports that according to residents of the capital, holidays abroad are more affordable and profitable than in the regions.

It is noteworthy that holidays within the country are more expensive than abroad. In one of the ARB TV programs dedicated to this topic, Gulnar Mustafayeva, a representative of the travel agency, said that there are prices in the tourist market that correspond to each segment. She noted that events are being organized to increase the volume of offers.

"The government's strategy in this direction is to increase the volume of offers on the market, create a healthy competitive environment by creating favorable conditions and supporting offers that correspond to each segment."

According to the latest statistics of the travel agency, the number of people traveling to foreign countries has increased by 25% compared to previous years.