Financing allocated for the year for restoration of liberated lands published

12:25 - 23.05.2024

May 23, Fineko/ A total of 5.58 bn manats were allocated from State Budget 2023 for reconstruction and restoration of territories liberated from occupation.

ABC.AZ reports that this is reflected in the draft law "On the execution of State Budget 2023".

Of these finances, 4.8 bn manats, or 86.0% of the targeted expenditures envisaged in connection with reconstruction and restoration of occupation- liberated territories, 145.4 million manats, or 2.6%, of the Presidential Reserve Fund, 138.9 million manats (in accordance with Article 19.6 of the Law on the Budget System of 2023, 136.5 million of additional manats allocated from State Budget Reserve Fund at the expense of finances saved during the execution of State Budget certain expenditures) or 2.5% of the State Budget Reserve Fund, 32.5 million manats, or 0.6%, account for expenses on public investments (investment expenses), 464.8 million manats, or 8.3%, for finances, allocated at the expense of State Budget targeted expenditures.