Revenues from paid services of budget organizations last year were less than predicted

12:49 - 23.05.2024

May 23, Fineko/ The execution amounted to 480.8 million manats or less by 376.2 million manats (43.9%) against the forecast of 857 million manats on revenues from paid services of budgetary organizations last year.

ABC.AZ reports that this is reflected in the annual report on the execution of State Budget 2023.

The fulfillment of the forecast with deficit is associated with financial sanctions by the tax authorities, in accordance with presidential decree from April 11, 2022 #1661, receipts below the forecast for apartments sold by the Ministry of Labor & Social Protection, as well as for services rendered by some organizations, as well as changes in accounting of income and expenses in the execution of the State Budget of these types of income.