In 2023, most of State Budget spent in December

16:05 - 23.05.2024

May 23, Fineko/ State Budget expenditures in 2023 were executed in excess of the forecast for 6 months and less than the forecast for 6 months.

ABC.AZ informs that this is stated in Accounts Chamber’s conclusion on the Bill on Execution of State Budget 2023 and the annual report on execution of State Budget 2023.

The report says that the highest level of performance compared with the forecast was recorded in December, making up 144.7%.

Thus, in December, 7.3 bn manats were spent, which is 20% of State Budget total expenditures for 2023.

If to look at the average monthly performance indicator for the first 11 months of 2023 (2.65 bn manats), we can say that expenses incurred in December exceeded the relevant indicator 2.8-fold.

The high execution in December, along with other factors, is influenced by an increase in expenses due to the revision of the budget during the year and its implementation in the 2nd half of the year.

Thus, the quarterly redistribution of State Budget expenditures in 3-4 quarters increased by 3.27 bn manats or 6.3%.