Most of State Budget finances allocated to some institutions remained in bank account

16:10 - 23.05.2024

May 23, Fineko/ A significant part of finances allocated from the State Budget to some institutions remained in their bank accounts.

ABC.AZ informs that this is stated in Accounts Chamber’s conclusion on the Bill on Execution of State Budget 2023 and the annual report on execution of State Budget 2023.

The report says that according to the overview report on public investments, more than 600 million manats of State Budget finances remain in bank accounts.

In addition, selective analysis of the data of institutions on allocated and financed money for reconstruction and restoration of territories liberated from occupation suggests that 280 million manats remained in the bank accounts. In addition, more than 200 million manats of subsidies, targeted financing and other directed expenses (based on data provided by institutions in selective manner) were left unused.

Thus, at least more than 1 bn manats included in the execution of the State Budget were stored in bank accounts without use.