Amount of taxes refunded over last 2 years made public

16:39 - 23.05.2024

May 23, Fineko/ According to State Tax Service’s reports, over the past 2 years, about 1 bn manats have been returned. The amount of overpayment to the State Budget at the end of last year increased by 200 million manats and amounted to 1.925 bn manats, including 495.9 million manats in 2022 and 496.7 million manats in 2023.

ABC.AZ reports that Accounts Chamber’s chairman Vugar Gulmammadov stated about this at a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy, Industry & Entrepreneurship.

He noted that the interest rate of the STS with secured income to the income received by the State Budget at the end of 2023 increased by 0.8 p.p. over the year compared with last year and made up 11.9%: "This indicator has significantly decreased compared with the previous year. Thus, in the reporting year, the percentage of the overpayment amount to the revenues received by the State Budget decreased more than by half against the average over the last decade."