Agcabedi Taxıl Aqropark under creation - A subsidized loan given

11:04 - 24.05.2024

May 24, Fineko/ The Entrepreneurship Development Fund has given a subsidized loan in the amount of 9.8 million manats for the project of Agcabedi Taxıl Aqropark with total value of 35 million manats,.

ABC.AZ was informed at the Economic Zones Development Agency that barley, wheat, corn, cotton, sunflower and other crops are grown on the territory of the agropark.

The agropark also has an intensive almond orchard with an area of 115 hectares.

The Upper Karabakh Canal is used as an irrigation source. Modern methods are used when watering cultivated areas. The processing site of the agropark consists of a feed mill with daily capacity of 150 tons and a feed packing line with capacity of 100 tons. Modern granaries with volume of 26,000 cu m and silos with volume of 12,000 cu m have also been created here. The drying area with capacity of 50 tons per hour has modern equipment for drying cereals. The agropark's machinery park consists of 30 tractors and combines, as well as 86 units. 150 jobs have been created here, 41 of which are permanent.

To date, 24 agroparks have been registered in 22 districts on an area of 66,000 hectares, 22 of which are private and 2 are state-owned. Of the 24 agroparks, 22 have already started their activity, and construction and installation works are underway in 2 agroparks. Of the registered agroparks, 6 specialize in animal husbandry, 6 in fruit growing, 11 in agriculture (mainly annual plantations) and 1 in sorting, packaging and logistics.