Cherry plums grown in Saatli to be sold abroad

15:02 - 24.05.2024

May 24, Fineko/ Intensive cherry plum orchards established in Saatli district are considered the first in Mil district due to their specific features. About 10,000 cherry plum trees have been planted in the gardens, which differ both in area and in the method of cultivation. In addition to the domestic market, the owner of the garden received orders from abroad.

ABC.AZ reports that intensive cherry plum gardens, located in Garalar village of Saatli district, occupies 14 hectares.

The garden was laid out in 2019, and in the fifth year of its existence, a bountiful harvest has ripened.

The owner of the farm, Habib Ahmadov, says that for the first four years only agrotechnical care was carried out in the garden: “Trees with Nakhchivan variety ‘Geija’ are grown in this garden. When planting, row spacing is taken into account, and each tree is watered with a drip method. In the first 4 years, pruning and cultivation were carried out, and the necessary agrotechnical care was provided. Last year, the trees began to bear fruit. This year, the trees have given a full harvest, and the harvest is carried out in 3 stages. At the first harvest, 5-6 kg of harvest is received from each tree. And in just one season, we plan to harvest about 100 tons of crops from the garden.”