iPhone shipments to China increased by 52%

13:13 - 29.05.2024

May 29, Fineko/abc.az. iPhone sales growth in China has accelerated significantly.

ABC.AZ reports that in April, shipments increased by 52% compared with April 2023.

If sales have recently declined significantly under pressure from competitors like Huawei, now, in general, in April, the flow of imported smartphones of origin increased from 2.301 million phones a year earlier to 3.495 million phones in 2023 — such statistics was published on Tuesday by Chinese regional academy CAICT.

Although Apple is not specifically mentioned in the news release, the company totally dominates the niche of imported smartphones in China, so the general data can be extrapolated to Apple's performance.

At the end of the first quarter, Apple's shipments to China increased by 12%, previously sales fell by 37%


It is expected that sales figures will continue to grow in May due to an aggressive discount program that provides discounts on some models in the Tmall version for China up to $318.