WB: Buildings in Azerbaijan account for 38% of energy consumption

15:13 - 31.05.2024

May 31, Fineko/abc.az. Buildings in Azerbaijan account for 38% of energy consumption, which is higher than the global indicator.

ABC.AZ reports that WB senior energy specialist Florian Kitt made the remark at the 2nd annual report meeting of the Azerbaijan Rapid Technical Assistance Facility (AZTAF) financed by the European Union (EU) and managed by the World Bank (WB).

Kitt stressed that if industry and other fields are included, this figure will reach 50%.

“Globally, buildings account for approximately 30% of total energy usage. The outdated and inefficient heating systems from the Soviet period present a significant challenge that should be addressed. The WB is prepared to offer essential assistance to Azerbaijan to tackle these inefficiencies. Currently, a strategic plan is being developed to address these concerns. The WB is also open to discussing and planning financial assistance through loans in the forthcoming years to establish a robust infrastructure for this purpose,” he added.