Deputy minister: As minimum wage increases, pension will also increase

16:11 - 3.06.2024

June 3, Fineko/ Optimization of pension expenses will allow us to attract an additional 10,000 people to vocational training annually. Those who undergo vocational training are paid a scholarship, not a salary. At that, their transportation costs are compensated at the expense of the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

ABC.AZ reports that Deputy Minister of Labor & Social Protection Anar Aliyev said about this during the discussion of amendments to the Law on Employment, discussed at today’s meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Labor and Social Policy.

The deputy minister noted that the connection between the pension amount and the monthly minimum wage will be maintained.

"As the minimum wage increases, the pension amount will also increase in the future. A person who can be involved in professional training should know in advance where he will work. In no case should professional training encourage admission to the program in order to receive a scholarship," the deputy minister added.