2nd stage of restoration of Lake Boyukshor begins in Baku

17:42 - 5.06.2024

June 5, Fineko/abc.az. Amenity Planting & Landscaping Organization of Azerbaijan (Azəryaşlandşaft) will begin the 2nd stage of restoration of the Boyukshor Lake in Baku, ABC.AZ reports, referring to the company.

A consultant for the feasibility study and improvement of design estimates will be selected initially.

"The Boyukshor Lake Restoration Project has been implemented since 2013 in accordance with the State Program of Socio-Economic Growth of Baku City & its Settlements for 2014-2016, approved by presidential decree from January 17, 2014, and the Decree "On additional measures to improve, protect and use the ecological condition of Boyukshor Lake". The project consists of the following stages:

- Restoration of the eastern part of the lake from the Olympic Stadium

- Restoration of oil-contaminated areas located beyond the western part of the lake and the Northern Dam

- Restoration of reserves of the Northern Lake and bottom sediments.