Apple to present new size of front panel of iPhone 16 Pro Max

17:36 - 6.06.2024

June 6, Fineko/ New information about iPhone 16 Pro Max has been presented.

ABC.AZ reports that Apple has significantly narrowed the faceplates around the screen in new iPhone 16 ProMax.

The faceplates will be only 1,153 mm thick, which seems to make iPhone 16 ProMax the smartphone with the thinnest faceplates in the world. It even surpasses the faceplates of Galaxy S24 Ultra with thickness of 1,155 mm. These thin faceplates can satisfy users by offering a large screen area.

The screen size is also increasing. iPhone 16 Pro Max is equipped with a large 6.883-inch screen. This is a pretty big increase compared with the 6.7-inch screen of current iPhone 15 Pro Max. A bigger screen means more content and more immersive viewing.