In this area, residents carried out sowing operations on an area of 3,131 hectares

17:46 - 6.06.2024

June 6, Fineko/ The purpose of the agropark is to accelerate development of the agricultural sector, meet the demand for agricultural products, strengthen food security, increase the production of export products, and develop small and medium-sized businesses.

ABC.AZ reports that Seymur Adigezalov, the chairman of board of the Economic Zones Development Agency, stated about this in connection with the pilot Sabirabad agropark, created as part of the project "Integration of medium-sized farms into agro-industrial clusters".

He added that the area of the agropark is 7,544 hectares.

"Currently, the status of a resident of the agropark has been assigned to 8 business entities. Residents carried out sowing operations on an area of 3,131 hectares. 7.4 million manats of investments were made in the work done, 86 permanent and 113 seasonal jobs were created. The agropark is working on the creation of fruit-growing (olives, pomegranates), seed-growing (wheat, barley), livestock, grain and cotton farms using modern irrigation systems," Adigezalov said.