Warning in connection with transfers from card to card

11:53 - 7.06.2024

June 7, Fineko/abc.az. Recently, in retail and catering enterprises, it has been observed that in some cases non-cash payments are made not through POS-terminals, but through plastic cards using card-to-card transfer operations, ABC.AZ informs, referring to the State Tax Service.

The Service stated that making payments from card to card in retail and catering facilities is a violation of consumer rights:

"In such cases, consumers are not provided with an extract from the POS-terminal and a receipt from the cash register, which further limits the ability of consumers to claim their rights. At that, such circumstances lead to the fact that consumers are deprived of the right to a VAT refund when receiving goods, works and services from value-added tax payers. This violation of the law is aimed at tax evasion, and taxpayers who carry out such transactions may be subject to additional taxes, interest accrual and financial sanctions from the tax authority."