Over 30,000 tons of potatoes grown in Jalilabad sent to foreign markets

16:25 - 7.06.2024

June 7, Fineko/abc.az. Harvesting of potatoes grown in the fields has been going on in Jalilabad district for more than a month. Farmers reported that the products are exported to Russia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

ABC.AZ reports that currently, potatoes are bought from farmers at the price of 40-60 gapiks per kg.

The farmers noted that the purchase price for the products this year is satisfactory.

The Jalilabad Regional State Center for Agrarian Development reported that to date, out of more than 38,000 tons of products grown in farms, more than 30,000 tons have been sent to foreign markets.

This year potatoes were planted in Jalilabad district on an area of 3,000 hectares.