Work to be carried out to increase capacity of customs & border checkpoints

17:26 - 7.06.2024

June 7, Fineko/ There will be new projects related to customs checkpoints located on the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (TITR or Middle Corridor), ABC.AZ reports, quoting Jafar Guluzada, the head of the Customs Regulation Department of Azerbaijan's State Customs Committee.

"The necessary work will be done to increase the capacity of all border checkpoints. Of course, the priority is the customs posts located on the Middle Corridor. Baku International Sea Trade Port and Red Bridge customs checkpoints are on this corridor. The infrastructural capabilities of the post located in Alat (sea port) are quite large. We will have new projects there,” he said.

Guluzada added that a number of infrastructure measures and projects are also set to be implemented at the Red Bridge border checkpoint.

The official stated that a comprehensive regulation plan for border checkpoints is underway. The plan will incorporate international standards and adhere to established supply norms. Key initiatives include installing X-ray machines to expedite the processing of cargo vehicles and enhancing the efficiency of passenger vehicles and buses’ passage through more effective cleaning measures.