Abbas Ibragimov: Full privatization of ABB is not on agenda

16:55 - 11.06.2024

June 11, Fineko/ Full privatization of ABB is not on the agenda, ABC.AZ reports, quoting ABB chairman of board Abbas Ibragimov.

"But, as I mentioned, this is a shareholders' decision. The issue of our new public shares and the issue of these amounts are on the agenda today. There is no privatization through some private investor on the agenda today," he noted.

"The main shareholder of ABB, as I’ve already mentioned, is the state. Over the past five years, it has paid about 1.3 billion manats to the shareholder as dividends, as well as taxes and other payments. It also means that the history of ABB from the old restructuring is in the past. Today, ABB is a profitable, profitable and healthy bank and a state-owned company," Ibragimov stressed.