Abbas Ibragimov: ABB Group made net profit of 380 million manats

16:57 - 11.06.2024

June 11, Fineko/ Our profits are projected to grow in the future.

ABC.AZ reports, quoting ABB chairman of board Abbas Ibragimov.

He said that over the past year, ABB has made net profit of 380 million manats on international accounting standards, and after payment of taxes this profit is also quite large and is the highest profit in ABB's history, if we exclude formal profit during the restructuring period.

"We intend to maintain and increase this profit, because every day the number of retail and retail customers, as well as our corporate clients, is growing, and their efficiency at ABB is at the forefront. One of our goals is to make our business more efficient. Our profits and the values that we will pass on to shareholders are getting bigger and bigger every year," Ibragimov said.

He added that the main shareholder of ABB is the state.

"Over the past five years, the state has paid about 1.3 billion manats to the shareholder as dividends, as well as taxes and other payments. This means that the history of ABB from the old restructuring is in the past. ABB today is a profitable and healthy bank and a state-owned company," he underlined.