Azerbaijani government bought securities for $900 million this year 

16:57 - 12.06.2024

June 12, Fineko/ The Azerbaijani government has bought securities for $900 million. 

ABC.AZ reports that Samir Nasirov, the director of the Statistics Department of the Central Bank, said about this at today’s briefing.

He added that there was deficit of $1.6 bn in the balance of capital flows and finances against $1.7 bn in the balance of current operations.

It is linked with fulfillment of financial obligations of enterprises and organizations operating in the country. That is, during this period, our country fulfilled large financial obligations.
"During this period, the deficit of foreign direct investment amounted to $346 million. The reason for the deficit mainly relates to repatriation of capital exported from the country in exchange for foreign direct investments in the country. That is, repatriation of interest is carried out on the balance sheet of primary income, and repatriation of capital is carried out on the balance sheet of foreign direct investments. That is, $1.5 bn of foreign direct investments was made in Azerbaijan during this period, in return, $1.9 bn worth of capital was repatriated from the country, and, as you know, the repatriation of capital means fulfilling the same financial obligations, reducing financial obligations," he said.