BP pioneers use of drones in its operations in Caspian Sea

16:12 - 20.06.2024

June 20, Fineko/abc.az. BP has started to use cutting-edge drone technology to carry out tank inspections on its assets in the Caspian, ABC.AZ reports, referring to BP-Azerbaijan.

“For the first time, the company has utilized the Elios 3 drone to conduct an empty tank inspection on the Shah Deniz Alpha platform.

This is a groundbreaking move towards enhancing safety and efficiency in BP’s operations in the region. It also brings a number of other advantages such as speed and reliability as it eliminates the need for human involvement, makes the process quick and adds agile maneuverability to it,” the company says.

In addition, this innovative technology application will provide consistent and more accurate inspection data aiding operational decisions.

“Inspection of empty storage tanks on the Shah Deniz Alfa platform with drones marks the first-ever application of this innovative technology to BP's assets in the Caspian. The Elios 3 drones are able to complete tank inspections in the merest fraction of the time traditionally spent on the same activity. In fact, they can complete the task in just 45 minutes compared to up to four weeks required for human-performed inspections and this means minimal disruption to operations,” BP says.