Azerbaijan bans import of livestock products from this country

11:29 - 21.06.2024

June 21, Fineko/ According to the official information of the World Organization for Animal Health, an outbreak of spongiform encephalopathy has been registered in the administrative-territorial unit of South Ayrshire in Scotland.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the Department of Information Support & Innovative Solutions of the Azerbaijan Food Safety Agency (AQTA), taking into account the principle of zoning the territory of the republic in the administrative-territorial unit of South Ayrshire, to protect against this infectious disease, from a distance of 10 km from the farm where the outbreak occurred, it is necessary to ensure the safe movement of live cattle cattle and blood and blood-containing products belonging to them, meat not separated from bone, meat separated from bone, mechanically obtained meat separated from bones obtained from cattle older than 30 months (with the exception of meat separated from bones, which is accompanied by a cover letter containing a guarantee, as well as an appropriate veterinary certificate stating that it was obtained from cattle younger than 30 months), processed cattle proteins intended as feed for productive animals (with the exception of milk proteins), and a temporary restriction on the import of animal feed has been imposed.

At that, in order to strengthen control measures, an appeal was sent to the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan to take appropriate measures with respect to vehicles arriving from the specified administrative-territorial unit or entering our republic in transit, as well as transit through Azerbaijan’s territory to other countries.