AI for intelligent search developed in Azerbaijan

17:45 - 21.06.2024

June 21, Fineko/ In recent years, the creation of new artificial intelligence solutions and products has further increased interest in the application of technological innovations.

ABC.AZ reports that AinuVision software, a startup of Ainuverse LLC, which received a Startup certificate from the Agency for the Development of Small & Medium-sized Businesses, is also one of the rather interesting artificial intelligence products.

The creator of the project is young Azerbaijani Orhan Hasanli, founder and executive director of the LLC, an artificial intelligence specialist, author of the world's 8th facial recognition algorithm in a competition held by the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) of the U.S. Department of Commerce, which was attended by more than 400 influential foreign companies.

Speaking about the project, Hasanli noted that AinuVision software simplifies the methods of managing and accessing video content using artificial intelligence technology, which saves time and resources.

AinuVision consists of an artificial intelligence algorithm that provides image search based on the desired text using Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing technology.

The program analyzes the process and issues a warning signal, perceiving the image of a person in files of any video format or on CCTV cameras.

Video content recognition solutions or smart cameras currently in use around the world use specially trained traditional artificial intelligence algorithms and can only recognize a few events:

"If we want these solutions or cameras to recognize all events, we need to create new additional artificial intelligence models for each specific category."