Weather forecast for 30 August


August 29, Fineko/abc.az. No precipitation is expected to be in Baku and on the Absheron Peninsula tomorrow. North-eastern in the daytime will change for moderate south-eastern wind.

Temperature will be +20-24°C at night and +28-33°C during the day on the Absheron Peninsula and +22-24°C at night and +30-32°C in the daytime in Baku.

Atmospheric pressure will be 759 mm Hg and relative humidity will be 65-70% at night and 40-50% in the daytime.

Water temperature in the sea on the northern beaches of Absheron (Sumgayit, Novkhani, Pirshagi, Nardaran, Bilgya, Zagulba) will be +24-25°C and on the southern beaches (Turkani, Hovsani, Sahil, Shikhovo) +25-26°C.

Tomorrow weather is expected to be without precipitation in districts of Azerbaijan. Fog is possible in some mountain areas. Eastern wind will blow.

Air temperature will be +18-23°C at night and +31-36°C in the daytime, in the mountains it will be 12-17°C at night and 21-26°C during the day.