UNEC confirmed its values


September 21, Fineko/abc.az.  The “UNEC values” that forms a single approach to the whole staff of the region’s largest economically oriented university incorporate high moral values such as academic freedom, academic ethics, decency, transparency, excellence, quality, participation, respect for differences and thinking of the interest of the community, environmental sensitivity.  

Based on the “UNEC values”, being loyal to scientific principles in research, teaching, and social services, the academic freedom and academic ethics are protected and copyright is respected. According to the values, at UNEC the equal opportunities are created for each individual in academic and administrative position and are preferred those who deserve it. All activities of this higher education institution are always implemented openly to the public. 

UNEC values committed that, the UNEC family, which strives to get perfect out of its activities, is loyal to the principle of high quality, as well. The active participation of he UNEC members is ensured at all stages of effective governance. The UNEC, holding the interests of society in front of its activity, attaches the great importance to the different opinions of all interested in this direction parties.   

UNEC, having gained the status of “Green University” in the international rankings of the World Universities,  steps out confidently in the direction protecting the ecological balance in the name of sustainable development.


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