Maleyka Abbaszadeh: no interest shown to senior positions submitted for admission to civil service


September 21, Fineko/abc.az. "The candidates don’t show much interest to managerial positions submitted to the civil service," said Maleyka Abbaszade, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the State Examination Center.
She added that when applying for civil service, an increased interest is displayed to executive positions within the BB group.
Abbaszade emphasized: "There is a great interest in mass positions, as there are fewer requirements for candidates. At the same time, no work experience is required, so there are 1,000-1,500 on certain exams, and 100-150 candidates on others. It depends on the type of exam, the number of vacancies offered, and on the classification."
She stated that an exam for admission to the public service is held every month. Tests are conducted before the exam. 
"Candidates have the opportunity to test themselves first, and then take part in entrance exam for admission to the civil service. The SEC announces tender procedures for all vacancies submitted by public authorities. And the requirements for each position in the civil service are different," Abbaszadeh added.

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