Exam Centre’s chair: 99% of university entrants of this year registered


September 21, Fineko/abc.az. This year, 99% of entrants to universities have been registered, according to Maleyka Abbaszade, the Chairman of the Directors of the State Examination Center.
Abbaszadeh, who previously informed about 12-13% of unregistered entrants, said: "Quite low indicator is observed this year. After 15 September, applications were received from entrants who have not been registered. We considered every application. There were cases when on 15 September (the date of start of academic year) the enrolled but not registered entrant came to his university. Such cases were also considered privately. There were cases when tuition fee was transferred, but the entrant has not been registered. Taking this into account, we sent orders to universities with such requirements."

Keywords: Maleyka Abbaszade