A bus driver caused a fatal accident in Baku


October 1, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijan Railroads (ADY) has made a statement that the driver of the freight train is not guilty of the accident that occurred today, in particular, the collision of the train with Baku bus #160.

ADY spokeswoman Sevinj Gadirova stated that the train was moving with 12 empty tanks from Bina settlement to railway station Dubendi and at this moment the bus with number plate 10-TG-106 drove behind the barrier and collided with the train.

"The rules of the road (Article 44) were violated by the bus driver. As a result, the locomotive derailed by 90 degrees. The machinist is now in state of shock," Gadirova said.

The bus-train collision caused death of 13-year-old child, and the number of the injured exceeds 30 people.

In connection with the incident in the Main Transport Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs initiated a criminal case in accord with Article 263.2 (Violation of traffic rules & operation of motor vehicles, which inadvertently led to death of victims). The investigation is underway.