UNEC is launching the dual degree diploma program with the University of Lincoln of the USA


October 15, Fineko/abc.az. One of the reforms implemented at UNEC in the direction of improvement the quality of teaching is the preference given to dual diploma programs at the prestigious foreign universities. It is actually a reality that, the UNEC students are already receiving the diplomas of Montpellier University of France, London University- London School of Economics, UBIS University of Sweden,  the Lithuanian University of Mykolas Romeris together with the UNEC diploma during the 4 year study period.

UNEC has achieved the new success in this direction.   So that, as the result of talks held over more than a year, in Istanbul on October 12, the UNEC rector, prof. A.Muradov and the rector of the Lincoln University of USA prof. M. Brodsky signed the contract on the dual degree diploma program between US Lincoln University and UNEC. Under the contract, the UNEC students according to their choice can get the education within 1or 2 years in the United States or after completing the course consisted of 9-12 subjects taught by the professors from the United States in Baku and after successfully taking the exams, they will also be able to obtain, the diploma from the Lincoln University of the USA in addition to UNEC diploma. The advantage of this contract is that both bachelors and masters’ degree level students will benefit from the dual degree diploma program.

Lincoln University was founded in 1919. According to the rating of “San Francisco Business Times”, after the University of California, Berkeley/Haas School of Business and Stanford Graduate School of Business, it is the university that provides the best MBA education in the “Greater Bay Area”.  For information, we are mentioning that our Nationwide Leader Heydar Aliyev is an Honorary Doctor of Lincoln University.