Azerbaijan’s Ecology Ministry demands closure of 9 Baku catering facilities


October 26, Fineko/abc.az. The Ministry of Ecology & Natural Resources of Azerbaijan will appeal to judicial authorities on the occasion of closure of 9 catering facilities for violation of its requirement.

Ramal Bagirov, the director of the MENR National Environmental Monitoring Department, has stated that five months have passed since the Ministry’s last warning to catering facilities about the necessity of compliance with environmental protection requirements.

"The MENR started the monitoring process on the occasion in May and continues it to this day. The monitoring covered 301 catering facilities. Despite Ministry’s recommendations, special cleaning equipment has been installed only in 53 facilities, while relevant work is only underway in 180 ones. Over the past period such equipment could be installed by all the facilities. Measures have been taken in respect to 58 facilities which failed to implement the requirement for the appointed term," Bagirov said.

He emphasized that they are preparing relevant materials in order to apply to court on the occasion of halting activity of nine catering facilities as follows: Filiz Palace (located in Yasamal district of Baku); Tarlan, White Palace (Binagadi district); Milord, Hamsa, Dan Ulduzu (Nizami district); Neapol (Khatayi district), Turan (Surakhan district); and Arzu (Sabunci district).