Number of the Yerlim tariff users of Nar keeps growing


October 30, Fineko/abc.az. During the year, the number of customers who joined the “Yerlim” tariff has grown by 43%. Constant growth of the number of users of “Yerlim” tariff, created especially for regions, is explained by the extremely beneficial nature of this offer for residents of regions. Subscribers who reside in the regions have an opportunity to make calls and pay only 1qapik per minute by joining this tariff.

Nar, which differs from other operators for attention paid to the country’s regions, along with the capital, has managed to increase the number of this regional tariff’s users significantly, thanks to installation of new base stations. By means of a rapid increase of the number of 4G and 3G base stations, Nar provides even the most remote villages of Azerbaijan with mobile communication services.

During the year 2018, the mobile operator has installed more than 330 new base stations in the regions. Out of the newly installed stations, almost 230 are operating in 4G and more than 100 are operating in the 3G mode.  In 2018, Nar has launched the provision of high quality 4G services in more than 40 region centers and cities.

Detailed information about the “Yerlim” tariff can be found at https://www.nar.az/yerlimwebsite.

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