Kaspersky Lab Transparency Center in Switzerland to start operating officially within a month


November 1, Fineko/abc.az. Kaspersky Lab wants to expand its activity in Azerbaijan. 
Company’s vice president Anton Shingarev has stated that they are working with the Russian gas and oil industry and almost all large Russian oil and gas companies are clients of the Laboratory.
"We are cooperating with Russian companies, especially in the field of industrial security that is a fairly new and complex industry, and I’m sure that the developments that we have received in Russia will be useful here in Azerbaijan in working with the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan and other oil and gas companies," Shingarev emphasized. 
He pointed out that Kaspersky Lab protects against viruses in many countries of the world, even in Antarctica, and although Azerbaijan's share in the total volume of Company's work is not so great, the country is quite interesting for Kaspersky Lab, given the powerful development of the industry. So, in just nine months, 6 million attacks were registered in Azerbaijan.

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