Anton Shingarev: We hope sanctions against Kaspersky Lab in U.S. not to be imposed


November 1, Fineko/abc.az. Kaspersky Lab’s vice president Anton Shingarev commented on talks about sanctions against the Company in the U.S.
At a media conference in Baku the vice president told reporters that Kaspersky Lab is the leader among the CIS countries mainly because of Russian language.
"Also, the Company has a leading position in Europe, while its share is small in the U.S., as this is the largest market. In Asia and Latin America we are developing successfully, in China this process is ongoing a little difficult, but we are working over this, and in general, globally we are number 3 and number 4. Our main competitor is Symantec, but it should be noted that we conduct quite healthy competition and if competition is tough in commercial questions, we help each other in fight against crime and expertise through single information base," Shingarev said. 
He underlined that sanctions against Kaspersky Lab have not been imposed and “we hope they will not be imposed”. 
"Indeed, there is pressure, especially from the U.S. The situation is not getting better, but it is getting worse. Relationships with regulators and law enforcement agencies to which we have effectively helped in the past have also been frozen. The situation is heavy in the U.S. Although the situation in Europe is leveled and business is even growing," Shingarev said.