Railway line to appear between Dagestan and Azerbaijan


November 1, Fineko/abc.az. A constant railway line is likely to appear between Dagestan and Azerbaijan.
Dagestan’s head Vladimir Vasilyev has stated that there are huge transport capacity, which have not been used so far.

"We’ll now make a permanent railway connection with Baku. I don’t see any obstacles to it working in interests of people. And it will develop our economy," the head of the region added.
In early April 2018 the question of the new railway connection via route Makhachkala-Baku was considered by Dagestani authorities and Russian Railways following the trip on the North Caucasus railway to Derbent.

Currently, trains Moscow-Baku, Rostov-Baku and Kharkov-Baku run through Makhachkala.

It is also planned to launch a direct flight between Makhachkala and Baku. The Memorandum of Cooperation on establishment of such flights between Dagestan and Azerbaijan was signed by Makhachkala Airport’s CEO Arsen Pirmagomedov and Azerbaijan Tourism Association’s chairman of board Nahid Bagirov within the framework of the 9th Russian-Azerbaijani Interregional Forum in Baku.

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