New EU-funded project discussed at BHOS


November 13, Fineko/abc.az. Technical Assistance (TA) Project for Strengthening Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) in Higher Education to be funded by EU and implemented by Institute of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan was discussed at a meeting held at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). It was attended by BHOS Rector Elmar Gasimov, Project Team Leader Krzysztof Gulda, Education and Project Management Expert Dr Jasek Gajewski, Head of Higher Education Development Department of the Institute of Education Anar Naghiyev, BHOS Vice rector for General Affairs Rashad Hasanov, Higher School’s department chairs, teachers and other key staff members. The meeting participants discussed the project’s main objectives and target groups and told about the importance of studying national higher educational institutions’ potential and experience for the project successful implementation.

Opening the discussion, Rector Elmar Gasimov provided detailed information about the BHOS history, development, activities and major achievements. In his words, the Higher School graduates who are highly qualified English speaking young specialists either work at transnational companies or continue their education at reputable universities abroad. The Rector also emphasized that the new project is of utmost importance for BHOS, as the Higher School management pays special attention to scientific research activities and implementation of innovative teaching methods.

As Project Team Leader Krzysztof Gulda informed, the initial stage includes assessment and evaluation of the BHOS potential and resources. In his words, the project starts in January 2019, and more international experts will be brought in to work together with national universities on proposals and recommendations for strengthening research, development and innovation in higher educational institutions of Azerbaijan.

Education and Project Management Expert Dr Jasek Gajewski said that one of the TA project objectives is to train PhD teachers and national experts in this field. During the discussion, the participants exchanged views and ideas about other issues related to the project implementation. After the meeting, the guests were given a tour around the campus and were familiarized with the BHOS facilities, classrooms and training laboratories.