Customs Committee transferred almost AZN 3 bn to State Budget for past 3 quarters of 2018


November 13, Fineko/abc.az. The State Customs Committee (SCC) of Azerbaijan transferred taxes and duties for AZN 2.978 bn to the State Budget for Jan-Sept 2018.

The SCC reports that transfer to country’s budget for October reached AZN 378.1 million.

"Last month’s transfers totaled AZN 93.25 million on customs duties, AZN 263.685 million on VAT, AZN 16.539 million on excise taxes, and AZN 4.64 million on road tax," the Committee informed.

Transfers to the State Budget reached AZN 329.4 million in September, AZN 329.805 million in August, AZN 322.16 million in July, AZN 293.36 million in June, AZN 298.05 million in May, AZN 300.59 million in April, AZN 281.238 million in March, AZN 219.66 million in February, and AZN 226.088 million in January of 2018.