49 orders for 10 state property facilities submitted at today`s auction


November 13, Fineko/abc.az. 49 orders on 10 facilities have been set out at today`s auction. Three small state-run enterprises and facilities, one unfinished building structure and six vehicles out of the state property facilities put up for privatization were privatized. Submission of 44 orders on five motor vehicles created competitive environment at the auction. Activity of auction participants led to more than double rise of the initial auction prices of the vehicles.

The Committee held totally 195 auctions this year. The advantages of the system of e-auctions and a wide range of state property facilities increased interest and activity of citizens in this process. As a result, 55 out of 550 facilities of state property found their owner in competitive environment. To date, about 95 citizens have submitted e-applications on state property facilities put up for auction, and about 20 people participated in the auction online.