The young teacher of UNEC became the winner of the scientific essay competition “Baku Expo 2025”


November 22, Fineko/abc.az. Within the framework of the bid to host the World Expo in 2025, in Baku the essay competition was organized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the “Expo 2025 Baku” Operations Secretariat.

The competition was organized to support the candidacy of Baku at the “Baku Expo 2015”, presenting the potential opportunities for holding the exhibition in Azerbaijan and strengthening the scientific basis for the development of human capital selected as the priority topic of the exhibition. The winner of the scientific essay competition on the topic  “Developing human capital for better future growth”  was the director of the UNEC Center for Empirical Research and the young teacher of the International Economics (English speaking) chair Khatai Aliyev.

The young teacher of the UNEC had used both illustrative and empirical methods in the scientific article on the topic «The role of education and science in the development of multicultural values in Azerbaijan". In the research, the level of multicultural thinking and tolerance in Azerbaijan was analyzed from different aspects based on the survey, involving 3308 respondents.

At the same time, the role of education and science was assessed using the Smallest Quadratic (ACE) method.

As a winner of the contest was organized the visit of Khatai Aliyev to the headquarters of the International Exhibitions Bureau, located in France, in the city Paris.