The UNEC students won the first three places in the “Young investor 2018” simulation competition III


December 10, Fineko/abc.az. The III simulation competition was held by the joint organization of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Baku Stock Exchange (BSE).

The teams consisted of UNEC students participated in “Young Investor 2018” the III simulation competition, held on the stock exchange under the motto the "Development is in the knowledge!”. The simulation competition consisted of delivering the masterclasses among the teams and the stage of conducting the operations with the stock simulators.   In the competition, the 19 teams modeled the processes in the financial market and increased their virtual profits by trading securities.

At the end of the competition, the “Inside Wall Street”, the “Finance scope” and “Big for” teams of the UNEC were selected as the winner of the top three places by earning more revenue from their virtual income.

The winner of the I place was the “Inside Wall Street" team represented by the 2-nd year students of the International School of Economics (ISE), in the specialty of finance Nicat Alishov (the captain), Goncha Muradova, Javid Khasizadeh and Murlan Mahmudov. The II place was taken by the “Finans scope” team of the 2-nd year students of the International School of Economics (ISE), in the specialty of finance Elshad Ismayilov (the captain), Tural Karimov, Elchin Aliyev. The winner of the III place was the team “Big for” represented by the 4-th year students of the SABAH Group of UNEC,  in the specialty Economics (english speaking) Murad Taghiyev (the captain), Mahammad Kheyikhabarli, Behbud Malikov and Guler Abbasova.

The goal of the simulation competition was to familiarize young people with the activities of stock exchanges, to develop the communication skills of students in business sphere, to instill in young people the mediation functions of the investment companies.

The winners of the competition gained the right to pass the internship program at Baku Stock Exchange. The winning teams were presented the Cubs and the gifts.

We congratulate our students and wish them new successes!