“Million, million numbers” campaign from Azercell


January 3, Fineko/abc.az.  “Azercell Telecom” LLC, the company which aims to make life easier through telecommunications and new solutions, guaranteeing availability of the latest technologies for users, is pleased to announce a new campaign for its subscribers. The Company launches retail sale of numbers within the framework of the campaign “Million, million numbers”. Current and potential customers are invited to visit www.mysim.az site and purchase the number of their preference.

Thus, customer types desired combination in the search window and instantly gets the response on the availability of such number. In case of availability, the customer is advised to visit one of Azercell’s official shops to get the desired number.  

The online sales within the confines of the Azercell’s new campaign ensure the convenience for customers and provide even wider choice for an affordable price. You can find the digit combinations of your preference or similar alternatives available for sale without leaving your house or office, and visit the nearest customer service points in order to complete your purchase officially.

 Azercell, the leading mobile operator of the country will continue to offer unique services and beneficial campaigns for its customers in the future.

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