Peterhof is in Top 10 of world’s museums


January 4, Fineko/abc.az. Analytical agency Turstat has published the rating of the most popular museums in the world in 2018.

The most popular museums in the world are located in St. Petersburg, London, Paris, Beijing, and New York.

Last year Peterhof was visited by 5 million and the Louvre by 10 million tourists.

According to Turstat, Top 10 of museums popular with tourists include the Louvre in Paris, the National Museum of China in Beijing, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the British Museum, the National Gallery and the Tate Modern gallery in London, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, Peterhof in St. Petersburg, the Vatican museums and the Museum of the Imperial Palace in Taipei.

The rating of museums is based on the analysis of their attendance.