Weather forecasters warn again about hurricane and snowfall


January 16, Fineko/abc.az. The Azerbaijani Ministry of Ecology & Natural Resources has published the weather forecast for tomorrow in Azerbaijan.

The MENR National Hydrometeorology Department reports that sharp change in weather is expected in Baku and on the Absheron Peninsula.

"Speed of strong north-western wind will reach 18-23 m/s and sometimes 28-33 m/s. At times the wind is forecasted to reach 35-38 m/s in some places of the peninsula in the morning and in the afternoon. Abnormal temperature is expected. Air temperature on the Absheron Peninsula will be about +4°C at night and in the morning, up to +2°C in the late afternoon, while in Baku +4-6°C at night and +2-4°C in the afternoon. Atmospheric pressure will increase from 753 mm to 762 mm Hg. Relative humidity will be 70-80%," the Ministry said.

The MENR also warns about extremely dangerous hydrometeorological phenomenon expected in Baku and on the Absheron Peninsula.

"On 17 January weather will change much, speed of north-western wind can reach 28-33 m/s, in some parts of the peninsula 35-38 m/s. Compared to the previous days, air temperature will drop by 10°C and will be about +2°C. Precipitation can change into wet snow," the Ministry said.

Sharp change in climate conditions will be unfavourable for the majority of the population.

On 17 January rains are sometimes expected in districts of Azerbaijan, wet snow and snow are possible in some areas, which can take an intense character in some places. Fog is predicted. Speed of western wind will be 7-12 m/s and sometimes 23-28 m/s. In the areas of the Kur intermountain trough the wind speed can at times reach 33-38 m/s. Night temperature will be from +2°C to +3°C, during the day +3-7°C, in the mountains it will be -5-10°C at night and -0-3°C. Sharp change in weather conditions is expected from 17 January to midday of 18 January in districts of the country, at times there will be rain, sleet and snow, which can take intense character. In some districts speed of north-western wind will increase to 23-28 m/s, in the areas of the Kur intermountain trough up to 33-38 m/s.

Compared with the previous days, air temperature will drop by 10°C, minimum temperature in the mountainous districts will be 5-10°C, in the highlands -12-17°C below zero, in the lowland areas will be from -2°C to -3°C.