Forecasters warn of weather worsening


January 28, Fineko/abc.az. The Ministry of Ecology & Natural Resources informs that north-western wind is expected in Baku and on the Absheron Peninsula on 28-29 January. Wind speed will reach 15-20 m/sec and in some places up to 23-28 m/sec. Occasional rains to be intense in some places are expected on 29 January.

According to weather forecasters, weather is going to be unstable in the country on 28 and 29 January. Intermittent rains and snowfall are forecasted in the mountain and foothill areas. According to the forecast, precipitation will be intense in some places. Western wind will blow on 28 and 29 January. In some areas the wind speed will reach 15-20 m and in some areas of the Kura basin up to 23-28 m/sec.

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