AzerTelecom received “Telecom Company of the Year” award


September 25, Fineko/abc.az.   “AzerTelecom”, the backbone internet provider connecting Azerbaijan to the global internet network, received “Caspian Energy Award” and was named the “Telecom Company of the Year” at the 9th International Caspian Energy Forum Baku – 2019.

The event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the signing of the “Contract of the Century” and the 20th anniversary of the journal “Caspian Energy” was held with the participation of numerous delegates from private and public sector as well as highly recognized regional and international organizations.

Fuad Allahverdiyev, Director General of “AzerTelecom”, joined the panel discussions on ICT, agro-industry, and tourism as a speaker, providing information about “Azerbaijan Digital HUB” program to transform Azerbaijan into a Regional Digital Center, as well as the large infrastructure projects implemented under this program. “As we know, “The Contract of the Century” signed under the leadership of national leader Haydar Aliyev 25 years ago has turned Azerbaijan into the energy hub. Now, as a continuation of this concept, “AzerTelecom” conducts “Digital HUB” program to turn Azerbaijan into a digital center”, Fuad Allahverdiyev stated. He further informed that “Digital HUB” project consists of three stages, each of which is expected to contribute to the development of not only ICT sector, but also the national economy as a whole, fostering its digitalization and the process of building a digital economy. Fuad Allahverdiyev also talked about the creation of a digital telecommunication corridor (Digital Silk Road) between Europe and Asia within the framework of the “Digital HUB” program, details of the “Trans-Caspian backbone cable” project laying the fiber-optic backbone cable between Azerbaijan and Central Asia through the bottom of the Caspian Sea and the projects on building backbone infrastructure in the country carried out together with the “Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC.        

“AzerTelecom” received the “International Caspian Energy Award” in the forum for its special contribution to the economic development of the country and was honored the title of the “Telecom company of the Year”. 

“AzerTelecom” is one of the largest telecommunication operators in Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus region and is the subsidiary of Bakcell, the first mobile operator and the fastest mobile internet provider in Azerbaijan. AzerTelecom was founded in 2008 and provides various services to local and foreign companies in the telecommunication sector. AzerTelecom is currently implementing the "Azerbaijan Digital HUB" program to turn the country into a Regional Digital Center, in addition to the status of the Energy and Transport Center owned by Azerbaijan. The implementation of the program lays a firm basis for the country's National IT and National Innovation Strategy and will make an important contribution to the acceleration of digitalization, flexible transformation to the digital economy, development of start-ups and IT architecture. The program will help bring the country's ICT system to the level of the most advanced world standards and allow the country to hold more advanced positions in the international rankings.


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