Parents control children on Internet, but forget about self-control - Experts


October 24, Fineko/abc.az. According to studies conducted in Baku, parents tend to limit their children's activities on the Internet and worry about their cybersecurity, but they themselves forget about basic security measures.

ABC.AZ reports that these thoughts were voiced at a press conference dedicated to the Caspersky Security Day event within the framework of Innovation Week 2019 with the support of the Ministry of Transport, Communications & High Technologies.

At the press conference it was noted that 74% of parents, covered by Kaspersky Lab’s survey, limit their children in the time spent with electronic devices. 85% of respondents always or if necessary control what their child does with electronic devices and how he spends time on the Internet. 72% of parents believe that such control over the child complies with ethical rules. The high rate of parental control when a child reaches adulthood causes interest. For example, monitoring of teenagers aged 15-18 using electronic devices is considered as normal among half of the parents surveyed.

Kaspersky Lab experts remind that dissemination of such personal data creates potential risks for minors. Because criminals get detailed information about where and when the child is, what interests him, and use it to communicate with him.

By Elmir Murad