Azercell became the winner in the nomination "Innovation Event of the Year"


October 25, Fineko/abc. az. The success of Azercell Telecom, the digital solutions provider and the leading mobile operator of the country is in the spotlight. The “Eurasia Innovation Day” event and “Innovation Awards Gala” ceremony, organized by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies jointly with “Huawei” company, were held at the Heydar Aliyev Center, on October 23, as a part of the “InnoWeek-Innovation Week”.

The winners in the nominations “Representative of the Innovation Ecosystem of the Year", "Innovation Event of the Year", "Innovation Project of the Year", "Influencer of the Year" and "Startup of the Year" were announced during the gala event. Based on the voting of jury panel, the rebranding event of Azercell became the winner in the nomination "Innovation Event of the Year" and received the "Azerbaijan Innovation Award". It should be noted that the presentation of the new brand identity of Azercell was held on June 21 of the current year, at the Heydar Aliyev Center, with the participation of government and business officials, public figures and media representatives. During the event 360 degrees 3D mapping was shown for the first time in Azerbaijan. At the concert with free entrance, organized in the park of the center, approximately 300 drones displayed a spectacular show, creating an image of Azerbaijani flag and map, the old and new logos of Azercell, first time ever in the country.

The “Eurasia Innovation Day” event, which plays the role of a dialogue platform, was attended by politicians, scientists, representatives of the private sector and the media. Three panels were organized discussing the latest innovations in technology and innovation. Interesting reports and deliberations took place during the first panel, dedicated to the "Digital Communication". Krasimir Genov, Head of the Consumer Business Unit of “Azercell Telecom” LLC also made a speech at the panel. Emphasizing that Azercell has stepped into a new era in its operation since June of the current year, Mr. Genov underlined the emergence of the company as the leading mobile operator in the country and digital solutions provider. He also provided extensive information on Azercell's enriching product portfolio, which reflects digitalization in everyday processes and mindset.

The second panel covered the development opportunities and problems of the national digital economy in Eurasia. The third panel focused on innovation and technology.

It should be emphasized that “InnoWeek-Innovation Week”, which covered the dates October 18-24, was organized by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, the Regional Development Public Association of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Azerbaijan Youth Foundation, Innovation Agency, the United Nations Development Programme, Azercell and Microsoft.


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