Create the safest digital environment with Azercell Kids!


November 5, Fineko/abc.az.  Successfully continuing its social responsibility through innovative technologies, Azercell Telecom in cooperation with DOCOMO Digital, world’s preeminent mobile commerce solutions provider, announces exclusive digital content called Azercell Kids (kids.azercell.com), to provide educational and entertainment content both as a native and a web application. 

With over 98% children under the age of eight now reported to be living in homes with at least one mobile device, it is not surprising that “Kids & family” category of apps have been downloaded more than 4.4 billion times globally across Google Play and iOS stores in the last 12 months. Parents at the same time are increasingly concerned about the issues around unsupervised access to digital content and safety. Azercell Kids has been developed to address these concerns while providing the most popular digital content, filtered by age, to children across formats. 

A tailored mix of local and global immersive content from over 40 leading brands, based on the preferences of children in Azerbaijan will be accessible through Azercell Kids app.  In addition to full parental controls, Azercell Kids will also offer parents with a usage dashboard to monitor the time spent by the children. Azercell Kids is accessible both over the web and as iOS or Android app. Azercell customers, both pre and post-paid, will be able to subscribe to Azercell Kids with a simple sign-in, and they will be able to pay for the subscription as part of their phone bills or top-ups. 

In order to activate this service, subscriber should just dial short number *304# YES and download Azercell Kids app either from Appstore or Google play market. By activating Azercell Kids application customers will get seven days free trial with consecutive 0.35AZN fee per day.  

Azercell has been always paying a great attention to cyber security and safe internet usage issues by implementing extensive training sessions on “Internet safety and digital citizenship” with the view to boost the national cyber security and increase awareness in this field. 


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