Information about low Internet speed in Azerbaijan is groundless - Deputy Minister


November 6, Fineko/abc.az. The level of Internet development in Azerbaijan is high.

ABC.AZ reports that Deputy Minister of Transport, Communications & High Technologies Elmir Velizadeh stated about that when commenting on the remarks about low Internet speed in the country.

He called such remarks unfounded and noted that the most advanced Internet technologies are used in Azerbaijan: "Thanks to mobile, wireless technologies, wired telephone networks, citizens can receive services in accordance with their interests and needs. From this angle, the opinion about the low speed of the Internet in Azerbaijan is completely unfounded. The source of data on the alleged low speed of the Internet in Azerbaijan - British company Cable is designed to ensure that someone in case of problems with Internet access would address directly to this source. For this reason, individuals accessing Cable are low-speed Internet users for some reason. Users with high Internet speed never access this source. Therefore, the high rate in the Azerbaijani reality is many times higher than the indicators indicated in this source."